I will do better

When there is no light

to find friends or see foes

I will do better.

When fear rules the day

and righteousness is an answer

I will do better.

When hate is rationalized

to conquer hate.

I will do better.

When questions are judged

and then hidden away.

I will do better.

When we can’t let the children

outside to play.

I will do better.

When furious crowds

shout the same thing

and make others hide

for the bell that they ring

when anger

when rage

when punishment


appropriate tools

of many or some

and indignation is not tempered

by morality

And there’s no one to trust

and too much to see

when everything’s backwards

when everything’s off

And people around you

all seem to know

what’s right and what’s wrong

and what’s the best way to go

I will do better in the face of all that.

I will speak kindly

and doff my cap.

I will not let my own righteous mistruth

and my programming

since the days of my youth

infect the humanity that exists in me

because it’s the truth

and the only thing

that we have that’s of use.

I will do better.

I will do better.

Will you?


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