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  • Growth Is Not Hitting Yourself With A Stick

    Growth Is Not Hitting Yourself With A Stick

    I will try all methods including being struck before I strike

  • A VOTING Hippo Crit!

    A  VOTING Hippo Crit!

    Whatever you do… If you VOTE today do not use it as an excuse to be finished and stick your sticker proudly as if the goal is to wear a sticker on your lapel. If you VOTE today do not celebrate the act alone as if it’s a final chapter as if the book can […]

  • Something’s Changed

    Something’s Changed

    I am possessed I allow the possession like a child allows a tantrum I am like a child but then… why rage against that isn’t one rage enough and so the monster gets fed and the monster isn’t the child So what is the monster Am I a rudderless ship in a landless sea more […]

  • Dreams

    I dreamt of now beloved Dodge Coronets, I never could love The same way now. And of travelling And escaping, Of family and turmoil And barely made deadlines. I dreamt of sneaking by And of laughing And of needing to get somewhere. And I woke tired And renewed Closer to the Earth And to the […]

  • What if I’m right

    I can be like the river I am like the river I have that available to me But who wants to be a river When you can be right? Certainly not me. We’ve had to make ourselves so small So we can understand what is not understandable. Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in. Smaller, smaller, […]

  • The pump is primed It’s been some time Fertile and frantic Earth Fertile to give and frantic to live Every breath betrays The stillness of mist on mountains Even the animals Especially the animals Fight to survive Must fight to survive. And yet such sublime light And smell of gentle forest and hillside And lilacs […]

  • You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    A boy has never learned real trust the kind that grows down deep internal his father points to what he must and all of it, it is external

  • The Power Of Humans

    The Power Of Humans

    Two people loved each other It was clear and true between them They did not understand what hurt meant They did not know it was possible They lived, in love. There was a person who was afraid Why? We do not know And, for now, it doesn’t matter This person knows hurt is possible They […]

  • Quitters Never Win

    I didn’t want to have any regrets So I tried as hard as I ever had And then, when I achieved the goal I set out to achieve I quit.

  • The Tremendousity of Darkness

    It’s not easy to find the darkness It’s not easy Because you don’t know it exists Because your ego Is a bitch. You may get your glimpses They won’t be what you think Death… No… That is just pain No. The darkness is not pain It’s darkness. Love loss… No. Love loss is just pain […]

  • A Good Friend…

    wants you to live a more joyful life doesn’t let their own fear keep them from you will endure will be refreshed at your waking up act awkwardly or angrily when you show your pride -or maybe, if you’ve got a really good friend, they will act with love.- will treat you as old as […]

  • Practical Issues

    By all means speak your truth You can’t murder anyone with the truth. But murder isn’t really the problem, Anyway. A slave spirit, I know, is full of secret rebellion Human rebellion at the atrocious assumptions of the master. There is no choice in this rebellion, It is not your choice. You are human. You […]