Love Behold

There’s no clamouring in my head, I want to hike and tend the garden and exhausted, settling in my bed breathe a breath of peace and freedom.   In a world where neighbours care enough not to interfere when your family is protected but not by those who’s tool is fear.   In a child’s … Continue reading Love Behold

The pump is primed It's been some time Fertile and frantic Earth Fertile to give and frantic to live Every breath betrays The stillness of mist on mountains Even the animals Especially the animals Fight to survive Must fight to survive. And yet such sublime light And smell of gentle forest and hillside And lilacs … Continue reading

The Power Of Humans

Two people loved each other It was clear and true between them They did not understand what hurt meant They did not know it was possible They lived, in love. There was a person who was afraid Why? We do not know And, for now, it doesn’t matter This person knows hurt is possible They … Continue reading The Power Of Humans

How Do You Tell Your Best Friend They’re a Nazi?

Is this a battle you want to fight? A can you want to open? Maybe if you just wait, They will see it. I'm sure they will see it. After all they're speaking so loudly So they can probably hear themselves. Right? But if you're scared don't worry Your friend's not trying to hurt you, … Continue reading How Do You Tell Your Best Friend They’re a Nazi?

Panic Attack-The Earthquake 1

I never saw it coming. I turned cold and sick. The avalanche, rumbling death, growing. The rumbling, growing death. When the earth shakes, there is nowhere to hide and nothing is safe. When your home shakes, you can find stronger land. When the land shakes, there is nothing to find. I didn't know my beliefs … Continue reading Panic Attack-The Earthquake 1