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  • Love Behold

    Love Behold

    There’s no clamouring in my head, I want to hike and tend the garden and exhausted, settling in my bed breathe a breath of peace and freedom.   In a world where neighbours care enough not to interfere when your family is protected but not by those who’s tool is fear.   In a child’s […]

  • You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    A boy has never learned real trust the kind that grows down deep internal his father points to what he must and all of it, it is external

  • Can You Bear To Love The World

    Can You Bear To Love The World

    We are drops of rain on the surface of the vastest ocean Single drops A single drop In an uncomprehensible deluge Onto an unfathomable expanse An uncalculateable depth And yet, here we are, single drops. Maybe I can grasp at the ungraspable But it won’t be with my mind Because my mind is a machine […]

  • About Me

    It’s funny. If it wasn’t, the terrible sadness would consume my heart. I suppose the fear will subside like the tide, like always and a new shore will take shape with solid and dry places to support weight. The real terror is in the vehemence, The wild, pinwheeling eyes rolling back, like a shark before […]

  • My picture in time

    If I won’t have the courage to point my finger inward how will I ever evolve to truly leave a better world for my son. Being a victim of violence and Behaving as if you are a victim of violence are as different as fire and water. If I won’t have the courage to first […]

  • The Principle of Not Fear

    People are tough and the capacity for wisdom comes from pain so if you do hurt people in your attempt to create a better world for yourself, own it, take it on the chin and move on with the wisdom you earn. That’s courage to me. Bravery. I can forgive just about anything if a person owns it.

  • Imperative Kindness

    Life had to be more resourceful or it wouldn’t survive. It wasn’t working without conscious choice, So life evolved humans. And humans are either going to save life… How could life possibly stop? We are on a journey, The millionth billionth in our window of time. The spectrum will pass quickly over us And the […]

  • Every Birthday

    Every birthday is the greatest birthday ever. Until we move to the next, which becomes greatest. Leaving the first greatest birthday ever, in its place. Amber encased. Just as it was. That’s what I’m thinking about tonight! The greatest birthday ever.

  • A Guide

    It’s hard to leave you. I imagine you’ll be devoured and I can feel the pain of your fear. I am a parent all over again remember what is important that fear can’t kill you it can make you stronger if you have a guide.

  • A Mountain’s Winter Call

    My heart yearns For the call of the winter bird As spring awakens On the earth It awakens in me. And the mess of a natural field And a respectful human Who works, grateful Full of reverence for what the natural mess Provides. Winters cover Melts into spring grasses The land losing its hardness The […]

  • I will do better

    When there is no light to find friends or see foes I will do better. When fear rules the day and righteousness is an answer I will do better. When hate is rationalized to conquer hate. I will do better. When questions are judged and then hidden away. I will do better. When we can’t […]

  • Are you sure?

    I love the truth. I have no idea what it is other than the feeling I get in my depth when I hear it or see it   Actually there is one way to know it, beyond feeling If it leads to further questions, it is the truth. And, at my best, the truth is […]