Love Behold

There’s no clamouring in my head, I want to hike and tend the garden and exhausted, settling in my bed breathe a breath of peace and freedom.   In a world where neighbours care enough not to interfere when your family is protected but not by those who’s tool is fear.   In a child’s … Continue reading Love Behold

Can You Bear To Love The World

We are drops of rain on the surface of the vastest ocean Single drops A single drop In an uncomprehensible deluge Onto an unfathomable expanse An uncalculateable depth And yet, here we are, single drops. Maybe I can grasp at the ungraspable But it won't be with my mind Because my mind is a machine … Continue reading Can You Bear To Love The World

My picture in time

If I won't have the courage to point my finger inward how will I ever evolve to truly leave a better world for my son. Being a victim of violence and Behaving as if you are a victim of violence are as different as fire and water. If I won't have the courage to first … Continue reading My picture in time

A Mountain’s Winter Call

My heart yearns For the call of the winter bird As spring awakens On the earth It awakens in me. And the mess of a natural field And a respectful human Who works, grateful Full of reverence for what the natural mess Provides. Winters cover Melts into spring grasses The land losing its hardness The … Continue reading A Mountain’s Winter Call

I will do better

When there is no light to find friends or see foes I will do better. When fear rules the day and righteousness is an answer I will do better. When hate is rationalized to conquer hate. I will do better. When questions are judged and then hidden away. I will do better. When we can't … Continue reading I will do better