Dipping a Toe: It’s Messy

Am I ready

For “Trump”

And “Bannon” and “The Alt Right”?

Am I ready for the hate they inspire?

The problem is not them.

The problem is the hate.

And I don’t think I’m ready.

The strength you need to take in hate and convert it to love is beyond me.

I would much rather eat a cheese burger or be hateful myself.

At least then I don’t have to experience how truly incapable I am in the face of such reality.

But it’s lonely here and quiet. Very quiet.

Nobody knows, yet.

Nobody has trained their laser on me.

I walk with my mouth shut and my heart open

and there’s nowhere for the feelings to go,

So they rot, in fatty piles and add weight and bulk to my journey.


I know something more terrifying…

So much more terrifying…

My own hate. My own apathy.

Don’t believe a thing you read.

Don’t believe a thing you read.


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