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  • Are You A 21st Century Man

    Are You A 21st Century Man

    “Boys” This is for you. “Rise up fallen fighters, Rise and take your stance again” I’m sorry. It’s been so long, But I’ve been gone and I was lost because I kept looking for someone who wasn’t there and as I searched and searched I got further and further away and I kept seeing the […]

  • Something’s Changed

    Something’s Changed

    I am possessed I allow the possession like a child allows a tantrum I am like a child but then… why rage against that isn’t one rage enough and so the monster gets fed and the monster isn’t the child So what is the monster Am I a rudderless ship in a landless sea more […]

  • Screaming at Demons

    Screaming at Demons

    You’re screaming at animals you’re berating the non-beratables you’re inspiring violence because you’re jabbing the monster because you don’t think it’s a monster because you’re seeing yourself but it’s not you sitting there sitting there it’s not you sitting there upon the throne it’s not you in the great halls. You’re putting your faith and […]

  • A Sympathetic Man

    A Sympathetic Man

    There is nothing worse than a Sympathetic Man

  • You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

    A boy has never learned real trust the kind that grows down deep internal his father points to what he must and all of it, it is external

  • What is love

    What is love but the leftovers after the plates and dishes of the soul the scraps and spills and the dirty wine glasses lipsticked rims have been cleared away That, is love. What is love but the remains after the war and torn bodies have gone back to the earth and the machines are silent […]

  • Practical Issues

    By all means speak your truth You can’t murder anyone with the truth. But murder isn’t really the problem, Anyway. A slave spirit, I know, is full of secret rebellion Human rebellion at the atrocious assumptions of the master. There is no choice in this rebellion, It is not your choice. You are human. You […]

  • I Get It

    I Get It

    I get it. I don’t like it and I don’t know what I’m going to do because of it. But I get it. And I’m sorry it took so long, and I had such little faith in you along the way and gave you such a hard time and fought against your belief and fought […]

  • Nazi

    I am the fuhrer of myself Myself is purity and righteousness and most importantly humanity. I am the fuhrer of myself I am the Nazi of myself I am the humanitarian of myself And you better fucking agree with me Or I will show you ethnic cleansing.

  • About Me

    It’s funny. If it wasn’t, the terrible sadness would consume my heart. I suppose the fear will subside like the tide, like always and a new shore will take shape with solid and dry places to support weight. The real terror is in the vehemence, The wild, pinwheeling eyes rolling back, like a shark before […]

  • My picture in time

    If I won’t have the courage to point my finger inward how will I ever evolve to truly leave a better world for my son. Being a victim of violence and Behaving as if you are a victim of violence are as different as fire and water. If I won’t have the courage to first […]

  • Indulgence

    Empty roads pavement stretches, red and green straight cold, alone and warm home. I could drive the streets, at night, forever I could drive them, alone forever. I am so comfortable with my aloneness and with things that are alone like boulevards in the nowhere hours with lonely reds at home and a few passing […]