The Kids Table

Can you believe this shit! I can't Can you believe these people! The thieves and liars and tyrants and crooks You're not one of them, are you? Are you one of them? Is this your fault? This is your fault! YOU! YOU! -Pause- Adults look up and inhale deeply, perhaps the mistake is realized perhaps … Continue reading The Kids Table

What if I’m right

I can be like the river I am like the river I have that available to me But who wants to be a river When you can be right? Certainly not me. We've had to make ourselves so small So we can understand what is not understandable. Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in. Smaller, smaller, … Continue reading What if I’m right

Panic Attack-The Earthquake 1

I never saw it coming. I turned cold and sick. The avalanche, rumbling death, growing. The rumbling, growing death. When the earth shakes, there is nowhere to hide and nothing is safe. When your home shakes, you can find stronger land. When the land shakes, there is nothing to find. I didn't know my beliefs … Continue reading Panic Attack-The Earthquake 1

Panic Attack – The Unnecessary Nightmare

I felt death, again but this time there was no doubt no confusion. Only last breath knowledge, fleeting and consuming, vast when the body rebels after the air has stopped and you finally understand the finity of your mind you get it, that your thoughts will end your program will crash and everything you know … Continue reading Panic Attack – The Unnecessary Nightmare