Tag: Hate

  • Screaming at Demons

    Screaming at Demons

    You’re screaming at animals you’re berating the non-beratables you’re inspiring violence because you’re jabbing the monster because you don’t think it’s a monster because you’re seeing yourself but it’s not you sitting there sitting there it’s not you sitting there upon the throne it’s not you in the great halls. You’re putting your faith and […]

  • A Sympathetic Man

    A Sympathetic Man

    There is nothing worse than a Sympathetic Man

  • Rage, Sisters

    Rage, Sisters

    Sisters rage Rage on and catch fire Burn Burn it all down, ferocious Clean the world Look through the world And by looking through Burn everything your vision touches Sisters, Rage Rage for what has been taken Rage for what is lost Rage for your truth Rage for her truth Rage for the lies Rage […]

  • Hatred :)

    There’s really no point in hating yourself. It quite a waste of time. Other than pretending that you’re strong It’s best you change your mind. And so I’ll take my own advice For once, and only for a time… But that’s enough to set me free to ponder such a rhyme. Normally I’d be All-In […]

  • Dipping a Toe: It’s Messy

    Am I ready For “Trump” And “Bannon” and “The Alt Right”? Am I ready for the hate they inspire? The problem is not them. The problem is the hate. And I don’t think I’m ready. The strength you need to take in hate and convert it to love is beyond me. I would much rather […]