What if I’m right

I can be like the river

I am like the river

I have that available to me

But who wants to be a river

When you can be right?

Certainly not me.

We’ve had to make ourselves so small

So we can understand what is not understandable.

Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in.

Smaller, smaller, smaller

Until finally things come into focus

And we can take a cosmic breath

And grab onto a hamburger

And wrap our hands around it

And put it down our throats and let it fill our belly.

Finally we can see.

Finally we’ve pared down our perspective to the point where our tiny encased sacks of gelatin can grasp.

We don’t want plausability,

Show is the answer that will allow is to cross the bridge, one solid step at a time.

This foolishness about neutrinos… Foolish humans…

Charging, mad, towards what…

Oh I don’t mind…I like beer and bikinis and good sound systems and aspirin.

I’m just lamenting by a river, forgetting to be the river, tired and pretty well spent and contemplating…

What if I’m right…

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