I know you

I know you.

I’ve been in the deep, dark with you,

I remember because you stayed

at the entrance of the cave

even though it was your idea

to come explore in the first place.

I know you.

I’ve heard you brag.

I’ve seen you get offended

and be wrong

and get offended again.

I know you.

I’ve listened to the fear

I’ve watched you, listen to the fear.

recognize the fear,

despise the fear,

love the fear,

know the fear.

And still…point your finger outward

and deny the fear.

I know you.

And now, once an ally,

you rally those with fear in their heart

you rally them with fear in your heart

you offer nothing but obedience to fear

and the end of humanity.

You rally and you find how easy it is…

how easy it is.

What a leader you have become,

it’s much easier than you thought.

And now you are finally strong, finally…



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