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  • Are You A 21st Century Man

    Are You A 21st Century Man

    “Boys” This is for you. “Rise up fallen fighters, Rise and take your stance again” I’m sorry. It’s been so long, But I’ve been gone and I was lost because I kept looking for someone who wasn’t there and as I searched and searched I got further and further away and I kept seeing the […]

  • A VOTING Hippo Crit!

    A  VOTING Hippo Crit!

    Whatever you do… If you VOTE today do not use it as an excuse to be finished and stick your sticker proudly as if the goal is to wear a sticker on your lapel. If you VOTE today do not celebrate the act alone as if it’s a final chapter as if the book can […]

  • Screaming at Demons

    Screaming at Demons

    You’re screaming at animals you’re berating the non-beratables you’re inspiring violence because you’re jabbing the monster because you don’t think it’s a monster because you’re seeing yourself but it’s not you sitting there sitting there it’s not you sitting there upon the throne it’s not you in the great halls. You’re putting your faith and […]

  • A Young Boy Amidst The Din And Papers Of The World

    A Young Boy Amidst The Din And Papers Of The World

    And even as he wonders if that is all there is He knows it can’t be true because he is alive.

  • The Power Of Humans

    The Power Of Humans

    Two people loved each other It was clear and true between them They did not understand what hurt meant They did not know it was possible They lived, in love. There was a person who was afraid Why? We do not know And, for now, it doesn’t matter This person knows hurt is possible They […]

  • I know you

    I know you. I’ve been in the deep, dark with you, I remember because you stayed at the entrance of the cave even though it was your idea to come explore in the first place. I know you. I’ve heard you brag. I’ve seen you get offended and be wrong and get offended again. I […]

  • Practical Issues

    By all means speak your truth You can’t murder anyone with the truth. But murder isn’t really the problem, Anyway. A slave spirit, I know, is full of secret rebellion Human rebellion at the atrocious assumptions of the master. There is no choice in this rebellion, It is not your choice. You are human. You […]

  • Dear terrified people with white skin

    Dear terrified people with white skin

    Chill. (dear black people…thanks for introducing such a cool concept as “chillin’”) Chill. The institution is abuzz with activity, just listen to it hum. You can almost taste the creativity when you’re suckin’ on your thumb. Who is the first to proclaim they know who is the first to start the show who is the […]

  • Home

    My heart is full of hope in the most tragic of times When all around is anger and violence. I know these old opponents, But I don’t honor them now. I see possibility, necessity and responsibility with an adult child’s fear that everyone will see me as I am. I am grateful for the child […]

  • My picture in time

    If I won’t have the courage to point my finger inward how will I ever evolve to truly leave a better world for my son. Being a victim of violence and Behaving as if you are a victim of violence are as different as fire and water. If I won’t have the courage to first […]

  • S.O.P.

    Morals and missions and values and ethics all keep us from the terrible humanity. The truly terrible inside each of us. Without those things we are awash in the gravity of the void. And now that the structure is down all that remains is the unknown self against eternity. And the self is a very […]

  • The Principle of Not Fear

    People are tough and the capacity for wisdom comes from pain so if you do hurt people in your attempt to create a better world for yourself, own it, take it on the chin and move on with the wisdom you earn. That’s courage to me. Bravery. I can forgive just about anything if a person owns it.