It Is So Much Bigger

A mother coddled her son.

She asked, at every turn,

“What would you like”

“Oatmeal or eggs, fruit or toast”


“And how would you like it”, she asked.

She attended to him.

“Let me help you with your socks.”

“Let me help you with your clothes.”

“Let me help you be less frustrated.”

“Let me help you!”

“How can I help you?”

The mother said to her son.

She cared for him,

Doting not denying,


As if she existed for him.

And one young day in the boys life,

He decided to believe her.

And when she didn’t attend to him

He went off in a huff.

The mother of the boy

Felt that

And became angry at such

ungrateful and selfish behavior

and wondered aloud,

“What type of husband this boy would make.”


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