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  • The children are crying

    Back and forth we go if it wasn’t so destructive it would just be silly So I think I’ll come down on silly even though the pit of my stomach is endless dark and full of gravity I keep yelling to no one -maybe I should listen- Can’t you hear the child crying? The children are […]

  • Rantings

    Tell my son I loved him. And laughed genuinely, many times, soul to soul. Those feelings of life my son, are real, those feelings of life are real. The world inside my head crashes to the ground and shatters and I recognize my flame and confuse that for my eternal wrongness. How am I making […]

  • A Letter To My Son

    I will never forget you. Forgetting you would be like Forgetting me. You are of me, my son, You form me. One day you may know this caring neglect of your own desires In favor of one so precious, as you. You, my son, are the greatest reason For the greatest of all things, I […]

  • The Uninhibited “I”

    I figured this out! With an emphasis on the “I”. “I”. So sure and desirous, definitive. “I”. While playing games, it’s all about him. So refreshing to watch So refreshing that I don’t give in to my urge to punish him back to fear driven humility. I watch him like a scientist, He is so […]

  • Someday They Will Come

    I kissed my son tonight; only me and he Who seeks to intervene between the lips of a man and the forehead of a small boy? Why all this noise Why don’t you have the courage of silence? Who seeks to intervene Who would you give up for Why all this noise? Someday they will come […]

  • Happy Birthday

    Trust yourself because there’s no one else and no one inside of you and the because the weight from the outside, the opinions, the chaos, the directions they are meaningless in the face of your own truth And most likely it will be a wisp to start with a tendril of smoke indicating the still […]

  • The Key To Being A Good Parent

    The Key To Being A Good Parent

    The key to being a good parent is to “own your cool”

  • Fatherhood: Carrying Fire in the Darkness

    Who knows the tremondosity of a young boys’ fear? I do. I do. I do. Little body, waif like knees – askance in the darkness New fingers rubbing tired eyes, alone, having given up Waiting beyond hope, to be rescued and taken in. I fly from my bed, beyond my shape and sedentary style I […]

  • The Greatest of all, The Journey

    Heads whip, there’s so much to take in. Eyes wide, I cannot miss anything. Plains and caves and oceans and secret paths and hidden clearings in deep woods. Fully carved water routes through fields, invisible, impossible with cliffs for ants and Mississippi like for the waterbug. Monuments and islands carved by people and time, both […]

  • The Worst Pain

    The mind is a terrible thing To waste. I had a preconceived notion Then I gave birth To the notion that most of my notions Are ill conceived or, at least, Conceived from ill. There is really only one deepest pain For me. -All the rest are more like PR pain- That’s the pain when […]

  • It Is So Much Bigger

    A mother coddled her son. She asked, at every turn, “What would you like” “Oatmeal or eggs, fruit or toast” Both? “And how would you like it”, she asked. She attended to him. “Let me help you with your socks.” “Let me help you with your clothes.” “Let me help you be less frustrated.” “Let […]