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  • What is Emotional Responsibility?

    What is Emotional Responsibility?

    Emotional Responsibility, what is it? Pretty simple, no? It’s being responsible for your emotions. Ok, but what does that mean, really, I mean like in real life, when you’re in a grocery line and witness someone being a total dickhead and you get angry, maybe you yell at the person being a dick, maybe you […]

  • Hatred :)

    There’s really no point in hating yourself. It quite a waste of time. Other than pretending that you’re strong It’s best you change your mind. And so I’ll take my own advice For once, and only for a time… But that’s enough to set me free to ponder such a rhyme. Normally I’d be All-In […]

  • Heads out of Asses?

    At every turn I have failed to realize there is a turn, there is a street to be on, a turn to make. I have assumed the structure is for me.

  • It Is So Much Bigger

    A mother coddled her son. She asked, at every turn, “What would you like” “Oatmeal or eggs, fruit or toast” Both? “And how would you like it”, she asked. She attended to him. “Let me help you with your socks.” “Let me help you with your clothes.” “Let me help you be less frustrated.” “Let […]

  • Rooting for Trump

    I found myself wanting him to win. Despite the fact that there’s a good chance he is sociopath, I want him to win. It feels like redemption to me, like throwing out the kitchen sink the baby the nose. It’s like it’s our only hope. Like antibiotics or Chemo The nuclear option because the cancer […]