The Greatest of all, The Journey

Heads whip, there’s so much to take in.

Eyes wide, I cannot miss anything.

Plains and caves and oceans and secret paths and hidden clearings in deep woods.

Fully carved water routes through fields, invisible, impossible with cliffs for ants and Mississippi like for the waterbug.

Monuments and islands carved by people and time, both long gone.

Do you want to journey with me?

There is a great Oak, never before seen by your eyes. There are castles and waterfalls that have never touched your heart.

Is your heart open?

There are fearful dragons and tremendous storms that crash down lightning and shake with thunder, your soul.

Is your heart open?

The journey is not for all, many are not willing and therefore not able. And they would try to pave the way rather than be an explorer, a journeyer.

Are you willing?


Then make haste my son and prepare.


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