What is Emotional Responsibility?

Emotional Responsibility, what is it? Pretty simple, no? It's being responsible for your emotions. Ok, but what does that mean, really, I mean like in real life, when you're in a grocery line and witness someone being a total dickhead and you get angry, maybe you yell at the person being a dick, maybe you … Continue reading What is Emotional Responsibility?

Are You A 21st Century Man

"Boys" This is for you. "Rise up fallen fighters, Rise and take your stance again" I'm sorry. It's been so long, But I've been gone and I was lost because I kept looking for someone who wasn't there and as I searched and searched I got further and further away and I kept seeing the … Continue reading Are You A 21st Century Man

I Lynch, you Lynch, everyone Lynch Lynch

It's your time in America You have the stage You have the control And I trust your humanity (Born of the marriage of a hateful killer, a deranged nanny and a spirit of life) Will triumph. But, we shall see And perhaps the worst of us Will come alive Again Perhaps there is no wisdom … Continue reading I Lynch, you Lynch, everyone Lynch Lynch