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  • Rage, Sisters

    Rage, Sisters

    Sisters rage Rage on and catch fire Burn Burn it all down, ferocious Clean the world Look through the world And by looking through Burn everything your vision touches Sisters, Rage Rage for what has been taken Rage for what is lost Rage for your truth Rage for her truth Rage for the lies Rage […]

  • I Want to Rage

    I want to rage and part of me shakes and vibrates. It is mostly encased in glass now, mostly. I see nonsense. nonsense. nonsense. And I want to rage and beat it out of the holders. I want to beat it out. I want to beat it out. And then, I understand. The vibration dulls, […]

  • I Scream…

    Prison A mother without a son A son without his father I am without my father I am without my mother I am behind bars. Laughing, wild eyed, at my captor Pointing with a trembling, rageful finger… YOU! I exclaim! Finger, arm, extending… YOU! Foam and spittle flying… YOU! Finger and arm fully straight Uncontrollably […]