Tag: Questions

  • The children are crying

    Back and forth we go if it wasn’t so destructive it would just┬ábe silly So I think I’ll come down on silly even though the pit of my stomach is endless dark and full of gravity I keep yelling to no one -maybe I should listen- Can’t you hear the child crying? The children are […]

  • All I See Is Me

    I look at you and all I see is me And I disagree with myself And can’t understand why. The act of prying my perception From your personhood Is like pulling on Velcro until You realize it doesn’t come apart Am I stuck to this perception Am I one piece of fabric How the hell […]

  • Heads out of Asses?

    At every turn I have failed to realize there is a turn, there is a street to be on, a turn to make. I have assumed the structure is for me.

  • Desk Chair Humanity

    Desk chairs Corner office Confused around a table. A gaggle of chairs. The building, I can’t see it’s end or sides or back. There are so many desk chairs. And so many offices with so many tables. There are so many desk chairs, confused around tables. There are so many buildings that I can’t see […]