Tag: Pain

  • Growing Up

    Growing Up

    “I am a rock, I am an island… and a rock feels no pain and an island never cries” – Paul Simon When I became a man, I put away childish things – 1 Corinthians There is nothing to be ashamed of Your stacking of the rocks of your island has been a measure of […]

  • This is a big day

    It is a pain that is endless and I have been taught that it is the enemy, So I am unfamiliar and thus afraid and in a denying way. Which gives me great hope Which gives me great hope The nature of this world and of raising children is to teach unfamiliar as fear and […]

  • My Dears

    My Dears

    Yes yes my dears, I cannot let you out. You are too precious to me. Too… Too… Vital. I must keep you, dark and deep knowable to only me The way I like it That way, I see. My dears, my dears… So precious to me. My dears, my dears be quiet please I like […]

  • The Worst Pain

    The mind is a terrible thing To waste. I had a preconceived notion Then I gave birth To the notion that most of my notions Are ill conceived or, at least, Conceived from ill. There is really only one deepest pain For me. -All the rest are more like PR pain- That’s the pain when […]