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  • Can You Bear To Love The World

    Can You Bear To Love The World

    We are drops of rain on the surface of the vastest ocean Single drops A single drop In an uncomprehensible deluge Onto an unfathomable expanse An uncalculateable depth And yet, here we are, single drops. Maybe I can grasp at the ungraspable But it won’t be with my mind Because my mind is a machine […]

  • A Good Friend…

    wants you to live a more joyful life doesn’t let their own fear keep them from you will endure will be refreshed at your waking up act awkwardly or angrily when you show your pride -or maybe, if you’ve got a really good friend, they will act with love.- will treat you as old as […]

  • Dear terrified people with white skin

    Dear terrified people with white skin

    Chill. (dear black people…thanks for introducing such a cool concept as “chillin’”) Chill. The institution is abuzz with activity, just listen to it hum. You can almost taste the creativity when you’re suckin’ on your thumb. Who is the first to proclaim they know who is the first to start the show who is the […]

  • How Do You Tell Your Best Friend They’re a Nazi?

    Is this a battle you want to fight? A can you want to open? Maybe if you just wait, They will see it. I’m sure they will see it. After all they’re speaking so loudly So they can probably hear themselves. Right? But if you’re scared don’t worry Your friend’s not trying to hurt you, […]

  • Be Strong

    I know now, That my heart is clear How afraid you are For me, my dear. But don’t be scared It makes it worse Be strong be strong be strong.

  • The Heart of your Heart

    The heart of your heart is not cold The heart of your heart is defiant for love No matter how many locks you’ve secured How many doors you’ve closed How many neighbors you’ve hurt The heart of your heart is defiant for love No matter your decisions Your anger Your righteous indignation No matter how […]

  • My picture in time

    If I won’t have the courage to point my finger inward how will I ever evolve to truly leave a better world for my son. Being a victim of violence and Behaving as if you are a victim of violence are as different as fire and water. If I won’t have the courage to first […]

  • The Principle of Not Fear

    People are tough and the capacity for wisdom comes from pain so if you do hurt people in your attempt to create a better world for yourself, own it, take it on the chin and move on with the wisdom you earn. That’s courage to me. Bravery. I can forgive just about anything if a person owns it.

  • Every Demon Within

    and it breaks my heart but there is no other place to start. And no other place, in the wide world to look death and destruction are an open book. Every man and woman is not themselves but just pretenders in the realm and upholders of the fear and sure keepers of what they hold […]

  • A Letter To My Son

    I will never forget you. Forgetting you would be like Forgetting me. You are of me, my son, You form me. One day you may know this caring neglect of your own desires In favor of one so precious, as you. You, my son, are the greatest reason For the greatest of all things, I […]

  • Shedding Weight

    Damn. Black skinned girl. Black skinned tribe. Damn. You make things move in me. And you make other things stop. And so I wonder What’s the problem… What’s the problem… What’s the real problem, in any of it.

  • Touchstone

    I want to be a place people come back to and are welcomed A place like home. A place that recognizes good. A place that loves. I place that never leaves and it always there holding a light in the darkness for those that have lost their way or whom are coming home. I want to […]