Tag: Hope

  • A Good Friend…

    wants you to live a more joyful life doesn’t let their own fear keep them from you will endure will be refreshed at your waking up act awkwardly or angrily when you show your pride -or maybe, if you’ve got a really good friend, they will act with love.- will treat you as old as […]

  • Home

    My heart is full of hope in the most tragic of times When all around is anger and violence. I know these old opponents, But I don’t honor them now. I see possibility, necessity and responsibility with an adult child’s fear that everyone will see me as I am. I am grateful for the child […]

  • This is a big day

    It is a pain that is endless and I have been taught that it is the enemy, So I am unfamiliar and thus afraid and in a denying way. Which gives me great hope Which gives me great hope The nature of this world and of raising children is to teach unfamiliar as fear and […]