A Letter To My Son

I will never forget you. Forgetting you would be like Forgetting me. You are of me, my son, You form me. One day you may know this caring neglect of your own desires In favor of one so precious, as you. You, my son, are the greatest reason For the greatest of all things, I … Continue reading A Letter To My Son

Someday They Will Come

I kissed my son tonight; only me and he Who seeks to intervene between the lips of a man and the forehead of a small boy? Why all this noise Why don't you have the courage of silence? Who¬†seeks to intervene Who would you give up for Why all this noise? Someday they will come … Continue reading Someday They Will Come

Fatherhood: Carrying Fire in the Darkness

Who knows the tremondosity of a young boys' fear? I do. I do. I do. Little body, waif like knees - askance in the darkness New fingers rubbing tired eyes, alone, having given up Waiting beyond hope, to be rescued and taken in. I fly from my bed, beyond my shape and sedentary style I … Continue reading Fatherhood: Carrying Fire in the Darkness