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  • A VOTING Hippo Crit!

    A  VOTING Hippo Crit!

    Whatever you do… If you VOTE today do not use it as an excuse to be finished and stick your sticker proudly as if the goal is to wear a sticker on your lapel. If you VOTE today do not celebrate the act alone as if it’s a final chapter as if the book can […]

  • A Young Boy Amidst The Din And Papers Of The World

    A Young Boy Amidst The Din And Papers Of The World

    And even as he wonders if that is all there is He knows it can’t be true because he is alive.

  • How Do You Tell Your Best Friend They’re a Nazi?

    Is this a battle you want to fight? A can you want to open? Maybe if you just wait, They will see it. I’m sure they will see it. After all they’re speaking so loudly So they can probably hear themselves. Right? But if you’re scared don’t worry Your friend’s not trying to hurt you, […]

  • Be Strong

    I know now, That my heart is clear How afraid you are For me, my dear. But don’t be scared It makes it worse Be strong be strong be strong.

  • Fatherhood: Carrying Fire in the Darkness

    Who knows the tremondosity of a young boys’ fear? I do. I do. I do. Little body, waif like knees – askance in the darkness New fingers rubbing tired eyes, alone, having given up Waiting beyond hope, to be rescued and taken in. I fly from my bed, beyond my shape and sedentary style I […]

  • Hatred :)

    There’s really no point in hating yourself. It quite a waste of time. Other than pretending that you’re strong It’s best you change your mind. And so I’ll take my own advice For once, and only for a time… But that’s enough to set me free to ponder such a rhyme. Normally I’d be All-In […]