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  • The Power Of Humans

    The Power Of Humans

    Two people loved each other It was clear and true between them They did not understand what hurt meant They did not know it was possible They lived, in love. There was a person who was afraid Why? We do not know And, for now, it doesn’t matter This person knows hurt is possible They […]

  • The children are crying

    Back and forth we go if it wasn’t so destructive it would just be silly So I think I’ll come down on silly even though the pit of my stomach is endless dark and full of gravity I keep yelling to no one -maybe I should listen- Can’t you hear the child crying? The children are […]

  • The Uninhibited “I”

    I figured this out! With an emphasis on the “I”. “I”. So sure and desirous, definitive. “I”. While playing games, it’s all about him. So refreshing to watch So refreshing that I don’t give in to my urge to punish him back to fear driven humility. I watch him like a scientist, He is so […]

  • Someday They Will Come

    I kissed my son tonight; only me and he Who seeks to intervene between the lips of a man and the forehead of a small boy? Why all this noise Why don’t you have the courage of silence? Who seeks to intervene Who would you give up for Why all this noise? Someday they will come […]