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  • Dear terrified people with white skin

    Dear terrified people with white skin

    Chill. (dear black people…thanks for introducing such a cool concept as “chillin’”) Chill. The institution is abuzz with activity, just listen to it hum. You can almost taste the creativity when you’re suckin’ on your thumb. Who is the first to proclaim they know who is the first to start the show who is the […]

  • What is Patriarchy

    I don’t understand this word the way you understand it. Speeding trains of indignation and righteousness blur by. This train doesn’t stop for me. I’m not sure this train stops for anyone. But who is driving and where did it come from? It’s so disgusting, like the foulest smell to hear and see excuses, I […]

  • I Scream…

    Prison A mother without a son A son without his father I am without my father I am without my mother I am behind bars. Laughing, wild eyed, at my captor Pointing with a trembling, rageful finger… YOU! I exclaim! Finger, arm, extending… YOU! Foam and spittle flying… YOU! Finger and arm fully straight Uncontrollably […]