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  • Are You A 21st Century Man

    Are You A 21st Century Man

    “Boys” This is for you. “Rise up fallen fighters, Rise and take your stance again” I’m sorry. It’s been so long, But I’ve been gone and I was lost because I kept looking for someone who wasn’t there and as I searched and searched I got further and further away and I kept seeing the […]

  • A Call To Hearts And Arms

    A Call To Hearts And Arms

    You are the anti strength and I don’t know If I’m strong enough to overcome you. You are chaos and I don’t know if I can put you in order before death I’m looking at the inversion you talk as if you know you talk as if you know things that I know that you […]

  • Quitters Never Win

    I didn’t want to have any regrets So I tried as hard as I ever had And then, when I achieved the goal I set out to achieve I quit.

  • Royales

    It’s the Royalty disease. A little known but widely held dysfunction that puts oneself above the rest, without regard for oneself. Like sawing off the connection to others to punish them. The ever present “I”. The damage and the healing of the world is in direct relation to our own experience of the ever present […]

  • Panic Attack – The Unnecessary Nightmare

    I felt death, again but this time there was no doubt no confusion. Only last breath knowledge, fleeting and consuming, vast when the body rebels after the air has stopped and you finally understand the finity of your mind you get it, that your thoughts will end your program will crash and everything you know […]