What is Patriarchy

I don't understand this word the way you understand it. Speeding trains of indignation and righteousness blur by. This train doesn't stop for me. I'm not sure this train stops for anyone. But who is driving and where did it come from? It's so disgusting, like the foulest smell to hear and see excuses, I … Continue reading What is Patriarchy

Writing Through

It's not pleasant, where I start. In fact I don't want to start because of the stench and the rot and the sameness of words left to die, mirrors everywhere and in them, my heart. I know everything there is to know about this room there are no more secrets there hasn't been for some … Continue reading Writing Through

A Hard Woman To Love

I hate the fucking fairy tales and what they've done and how they've separated you from me and me from you and me from me and you from you. Glamorous poverty, fashionable drama. I fucking hate it. Blechhhh But such is life, no? There is only 1 best hand to play and you won't know … Continue reading A Hard Woman To Love