Category: The Beautiful Mess

  • Every Demon Within

    and it breaks my heart but there is no other place to start. And no other place, in the wide world to look death and destruction are an open book. Every man and woman is not themselves but just pretenders in the realm and upholders of the fear and sure keepers of what they hold […]

  • Shedding Weight

    Damn. Black skinned girl. Black skinned tribe. Damn. You make things move in me. And you make other things stop. And so I wonder What’s the problem… What’s the problem… What’s the real problem, in any of it.

  • Touchstone

    I want to be a place people come back to and are welcomed A place like home. A place that recognizes good. A place that loves. I place that never leaves and it always there holding a light in the darkness for those that have lost their way or whom are coming home. I want to […]

  • Springtime

    I must be more afraid of losing my humanity than I am of talking to strangers, If I want to overcome. Then, in those cases, the only thing you can trust is that anything can happen. But anything can happen anytime. So you might as well develop into the person you want to be, in […]

  • Silly Mutha Fucking Geese

    and you are indignant and you are right and you are going to kill us all in the name of love

  • Imperative Kindness

    Life had to be more resourceful or it wouldn’t survive. It wasn’t working without conscious choice, So life evolved humans. And humans are either going to save life… How could life possibly stop? We are on a journey, The millionth billionth in our window of time. The spectrum will pass quickly over us And the […]

  • Every Birthday

    Every birthday is the greatest birthday ever. Until we move to the next, which becomes greatest. Leaving the first greatest birthday ever, in its place. Amber encased. Just as it was. That’s what I’m thinking about tonight! The greatest birthday ever.

  • The rebel of kind

    I was taught to be unkind And so were you. But I’m afraid it’s not enough I’m not sure how’s it going to come out Or which side I’m on But I’m going to fight!

  • A Hard Woman To Love

    I hate the fucking fairy tales and what they’ve done and how they’ve separated you from me and me from you and me from me and you from you. Glamorous poverty, fashionable drama. I fucking hate it. Blechhhh But such is life, no? There is only 1 best hand to play and you won’t know […]

  • You can’t go

    I can’t bear the thought of losing you Now that the possibility is so real There’s darkness there, underneath it all That I just don’t want to feel With you I’m sane, and safe and held, No matter if we fight Fighting, now, is just our language To try to do what’s right. But you’re […]

  • This is a big day

    It is a pain that is endless and I have been taught that it is the enemy, So I am unfamiliar and thus afraid and in a denying way. Which gives me great hope Which gives me great hope The nature of this world and of raising children is to teach unfamiliar as fear and […]

  • Happy Birthday

    Trust yourself because there’s no one else and no one inside of you and the because the weight from the outside, the opinions, the chaos, the directions they are meaningless in the face of your own truth And most likely it will be a wisp to start with a tendril of smoke indicating the still […]