Growth Is Not Hitting Yourself With A Stick

If you see me fall
and struggle on the ground
it’s ok to ask me
if I’m liking what I’ve found.

If you hear me preach
and elevate my tone
it’s ok to whisper
Damon, what’s gone wrong.

I wish to be a responsible human being
I wish to nurture,
sometimes with love
sometimes with pain
and never with fear.

I wish to turn my first glance
towards myself
I wish to ask the first question
of myself
If I am abusive I will
find the abuse within
and I will stand
it’s justification.

I will not defend myself
against attacks
real or imagined.
Unless a man brings a stick
I will bow my head
so that my mind is closer
to my heart
and together
will set our foundation
and even when the man brings a stick
I will try all methods
including being struck
before I strike
when I strike a man
I strike myself
and even if that may be familiar
growth is not doing
what is familiar.

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