What is Emotional Responsibility?

Emotional Responsibility, what is it?
Pretty simple, no? It’s being responsible for your emotions.
Ok, but what does that mean, really, I mean like in real life, when you’re in a grocery line and witness someone being a total dickhead and you get angry, maybe you yell at the person being a dick, maybe you go to a manager, maybe you approach the people that are the target of the dickheadedness, who knows…but what does that have to do with Emotional Responsibility?

Maybe that’s a shitty example.

Let’s try another.
Someone treats you badly, directly. They treat you badly, they treat your friends badly. Let’s say they kick you out of a party you’re at, maybe they tell you why, maybe they don’t. But it feels like shit. What the hell are they doing treating you like this anyway, what right do they have to treat you that way? You feel hurt, it’s unfair, you have just as much a right as anyone to be at that party. What does that have to do with Emotional Responsibility?

Ok,it’s still not clear. One more…

There’s a person, a male, who is sexually attracted to another person, a woman. This man has strong reactions to the woman, to what she’s wearing, to how she smells, to how she looks, to her smile. He feels waves of what you might call pleasure, he has sexual thoughts about what he might like to do or have done to him by her, he objectifies her and feels his body get excited as he does so, each level of objectification leads to stronger emotions of desire, of entitlement, of need, of domination. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but he wants to have her and he can barely stand it. He approaches her from that perspective and attempts to engage her using any reasonable (lawful) strategy to achieve the goal of “having her”.

Is it getting clearer?

What is Emotional Responsibility?

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