A Call To Hearts And Arms

You are the anti strength
and I don’t know
If I’m strong enough
to overcome you.

You are chaos
and I don’t know
if I can put you in order
before death

I’m looking at the inversion
you talk as if you know
you talk as if you know things
that I know
that you do not know.

And yet,
I submit
And when I submit
I don’t just submit
the world submits
because I am that world
and If I let go,
all is forsaken

and I have let go

And the barbarians
are inside the gate
and the soldiers are either
or gone
or fat with comfort
or fat with pride

It’s the inversion that’s the problem.
Not the barbarians.
The inversion
The focus
The neglect

There is chaos and there is order
there is strength and there is weakness
there is Life and Death
There is Tyranny and there is Love

And the fucking inversion is almost complete
and when it’s complete we will be lost.
and I do fear that in this case
once lost, we will not be found again.

The problem is that those that think
we’re lost are the ones with the maps
and those that think we’re home
are children, that in their beautiful innocence,
don’t know that it matters.

This is for me.


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