A VOTING Hippo Crit!

Whatever you do…
If you VOTE today
do not use it as an excuse to be finished
and stick your sticker
proudly as if the goal
is to wear a sticker on your lapel.

If you VOTE today
do not celebrate the act alone
as if it’s a final chapter
as if the book can be closed
as if you’ve done your civic duty.

Voting is a civic act.
Being an engaged and courageous citizen is
a civic duty.

Have you been an engaged and courageous citizen?
Or do you VOTE?

If you VOTE…

don’t let it replace
your responsibility
to act
the way you believe.

If you hate hate
If you hate those that seed hate
don’t be a farmer


If you hate injustice
if you hate every where injustice lives
act justly


If you hate racism
if you hate those that judge based on color or group
don’t judge


If you hate tyranny
if you hate the tyrants that are all around you
do not be a tyrant


If you hate violence
if you hate those that inflict violence on others
do not inflict violence


Do you act and demonstrate the courage of your convictions?
Do not VOTE to allow yourself off the hook
for your responsibility
to behave like someone who talks the way you talk.

Yes, VOTE.
Weighty with the history of war and death and betrayal

Yes, VOTE.
But remember you can’t VOTE
the world to a better place.
You can’t VOTE
In the hopes that you won’t have to do any work.
You can’t VOTE
And things become better, only because you VOTED.

Do not VOTE away your conscience
in favor of feeling democratic.
Do not VOTE for others
over yourself.
Do not VOTE for the change you want to see
without being the change you want to see.

Ghandi knew.

VOTING doesn’t take away the ills of the world
it doesn’t absolve you of responsibility
it doesn’t mean you did your duty.
That’s a joke.

What a world.
What a world.

What a time to be alive.
Just VOTE the problems away.
Just VOTE and everything will be ok.
Just VOTE and feel pride
Just VOTE and you’ll change the inside
Just VOTE and your done
Just VOTE and you’ve won
Just VOTE while people starve
Just VOTE and be a star
Just VOTE and go back to work
Just VOTE and you’re bezerk!

Silly Silly
Silly Silly

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