The Kids Table

Can you believe this shit! I can't Can you believe these people! The thieves and liars and tyrants and crooks You're not one of them, are you? Are you one of them? Is this your fault? This is your fault! YOU! YOU! -Pause- Adults look up and inhale deeply, perhaps the mistake is realized perhaps … Continue reading The Kids Table

What is Emotional Responsibility?

Emotional Responsibility, what is it? Pretty simple, no? It's being responsible for your emotions. Ok, but what does that mean, really, I mean like in real life, when you're in a grocery line and witness someone being a total dickhead and you get angry, maybe you yell at the person being a dick, maybe you … Continue reading What is Emotional Responsibility?

Are You A 21st Century Man

"Boys" This is for you. "Rise up fallen fighters, Rise and take your stance again" I'm sorry. It's been so long, But I've been gone and I was lost because I kept looking for someone who wasn't there and as I searched and searched I got further and further away and I kept seeing the … Continue reading Are You A 21st Century Man