A Sympathetic Man

There is nothing worse
than a sympathetic man.
Sym = With
Pathetic = To Arouse Pity

When you find a sympathetic man,
this is what you’ve found.

Pity in a man’s world is death
Death of the very thing that makes a man
death of life
death of the warrior
death of the soldier
death of the good father
death of the benevolent protector
death of reason
death of force
death of movement
death of purpose

A sympathetic man,
justifies pain
and helps it to grow
and live more fully
in the world.

A sympathetic man
is a traitor to himself.

A Sympathetic Man
lacks the power of compassion,
that makes a true man.

Com = With
Passion = Strong and Barely Controlable Emotion

Sympathetic: A man that stands with pity
Compassionate: A man that stands with passion

They are the opposite.
You choose.

The sympathetic man
Wants to use your pain
And bind you
servitude and tyranny.

The sympathetic man
feeds on the exposed wounds
of our great ancestral battles,
they are the opportunists
the ultimate war mongers.
And they will infect the wounds
if you let them and they will destroy you,
in the name of love and care.

You know someone like this?
You are someone like this?
I have tried the sickly sweet pill
of sympathy and found it
full of puss and rotten intentions.
…Fickle esteem…

Alas, an effective and simple test:

If you suspect you’re dealing with a sympathetic man,
Ask him not to speak.
Say to him
“Do not speak to me of this ever again,
love me, but do not ever speak of this
to me or anyone”.

You will soon know him.

And to the sympathetic anti-man,
stop your foolishness,
you are not helping.


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