Love Behold

There’s no clamouring in my head,

I want to hike and tend the garden

and exhausted, settling in my bed

breathe a breath of peace and freedom.


In a world where neighbours care

enough not to interfere

when your family is protected

but not by those who’s tool is fear.


In a child’s world is the answer

that we’ve so eagerly ignored

with serious and righteous foolery

we’ve turned ourselves to whores.


A boy has never learned real trust

the kind that grows, down deep internal

his father points to what he must

and all of it, external.


So as the world, as it must

implodes around this lack of trust

most will show themselves as vile

and show you sweetly, with a smile.


The gluttony of salacious truths

has filled us with terrible glee

and we rejoice as mis-formed youth

have escaped en masse and now run free.


But stay, you, solid, if you earn

there is, as always, remedy

Justice is just,

no matter your beliefs.


The answer, as it’s always been

lies only deep inside

ask yourself the one best thing

to get underneath the lies.


There is a vastness beneath your day

beneath your love and fear

beneath your work and kids

and all you hold dear.


In this vastness you will uncover

a garden world that’s always been

lush and loving to discover

that you’ve forsaken to fit in.


It’s the garden world that is real life

and it exists inside us all

And we’ve yet to explore the place

because we’re so afraid to fall.


But fall we must and fall we will

no matter what we choose

we will either take a step with love

or fall bitter with the news.


And if we take a step with love

we are the hero from the story

that lives within our child’s heart

and strives to noble glory.


Make no mistake about the step

and do not lie about the world

There is nothing you or I can do

to furl back what’s been unfurled.


We will go down.

Destructions come.

As with everything that exists

It’s a brave new world, if you make it.

It’s a nightmare if it fits.


A brave new world…if you make it

If you take the step and fall

underneath your lies and your successes

to the vastness of it all.


Everything you’ve read and thought

about the goodness of this life

it’s all true and more

if you put down the fight.


I want to save my human self

from assured destruction

and the only way to ensure salvation

is to find what makes me human.


What a privilege to be alive

to stand on backs of all before me

we didn’t get here by ourselves

we are the tip of our eternity.


We’ve used up what’s outside us

there’s nowhere left to turn

we can’t outrun what’s inside us

there’s nothing left to burn.


Nothing left out there to keep us warm

nothing left to light the way

if we run

we will never stop

and we will never rest and play

There’s only one thing

one direction left

as sure as night that follows day

and that’s the garden

down deep inside

that we’ve all locked away

we clicked the lies

and locked the doors

and double locked with our successes

and chained against our failures

and bolted out all our transgressions

we’ve braced against our innocent hearts

and fought the existence of our souls

we’ve told ourselves

we don’t deserve to live a life of lofty goals

we’ve told ourselves we’re not good enough

who are we to judge

what have we done to speak up

against the slime and sludge

we’ve kept our guilt as a badge of honour

we’ve kept our badness whole

and deep inside our trusting hearts

are waiting to be told…


I love you… I love you… I love you…


You are mine and you are gold.


I love you… I love you… I love you…


I am yours, let us behold.

You are the biggest, brightest, best

you are unable to fail the test

you alone are perfect enough

and you are more, and you are tough

Do not believe one bad word you say

and if they say it…do not sway,

You are bright and shining gold!


You are loved

and love behold.


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