Growing Up

“I am a rock, I am an island…
and a rock feels no pain
and an island never cries” – Paul Simon

When I became a man, I put away childish things – 1 Corinthians

There is nothing to be ashamed of

Your stacking of the rocks of your island

has been a measure of your persistence

and your beautiful commitment to childhood.

You have built such a magnificent island,

even if it’s all in your mind,

your mind is beautiful and your imagination

is so rich and powerful, what wonderful things to have.

I would even like to visit there, if you would have me.

I see how I have given you the rocks

and I see how you have stolen them from people.

It’s ok and it’s important to have a place that is all your own

but there is no need to steal

and there is no need for me to give you these stones anymore.

It seems like you have found a new land

and you can now see

a world full of other curious people and creatures.

I am proud of you and your hard working soul,

It makes me cry in deference

It makes me cry because I see how earnest you are

and how hard you’ve tried

and how well you’ve done.

You were really quite a young boy.

You are really quite a young man.




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