Can You Bear To Love The World

We are drops of rain on the surface of the vastest ocean

Single drops

A single drop

In an uncomprehensible deluge

Onto an unfathomable expanse

An uncalculateable depth

And yet, here we are, single drops.

Maybe I can grasp at the ungraspable

But it won’t be with my mind

Because my mind is a machine that wants answers

And is driven by a madman who only wants

to be defined by those answers.

My god. my god. my god.

Is my little vessel equipped to know?

Will I not explode

And if I refuse to know

Will I not implode

Can I

Will I

Break the bonds that have given me everything

and stolen it all from me

Will I

can I

sit down into the world

and bear loving it

Can you bear to love the world?

Can you bear it?

Before all and anything else you could imagine

or want to change

Can you, first, bear loving the world?

Why should a meek, little rain drop

have such a responsibility

such a purpose.

How can something so small have such a great purpose?

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