Practical Issues

By all means speak your truth

You can’t murder anyone with the truth.

But murder isn’t really the problem,


A slave spirit, I know, is full of secret rebellion

Human rebellion at the atrocious assumptions

of the master.

There is no choice in this rebellion,

It is not your choice.

You are human. You are endowed with the

knowledge of your own prosperity.

No matter who or what seeks to destroy it.

It is un-destroyable.

But…it is forgettable, you’re human prosperity.

You can forget and you can be taught to forget.

You can live in a world where everything around you

teaches you to forget and rewards you

for the forgetting.

The cool thing about remembering your prosperity

is that you feel your wealth,

which means it’s harder or maybe the word is,

impractical, to steal from others.

Are you a thief?

I am. That’s how I know.

When I’m not feeling the prosperity of my soul

I steal. I steal like a child, because I am like a child.

And I protect things,

things that would be better off destroyed.

And most times, unless I am very careful,

(which I am not, because I am a child)

I destroy things,

things better off not-destroyed.

All because I have forgotten

and been encouraged to forget,

my prosperity of soul.

Humanity is not static.

It becomes us as we become

and if we are no longer becoming

does that mean we are no longer humanity?


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