Dear terrified people with white skin


(dear black people…thanks for introducing such a cool concept as “chillin’”)


The institution is abuzz with activity,

just listen to it hum.

You can almost taste the creativity

when you’re suckin’ on your thumb.

Who is the first to proclaim they know

who is the first to start the show

who is the first to yell the loudest

who is proudest of not being proudest?

Just look at all these people moving around

the halls are full from top to ground.

There is important work to do,

the institution knows it too

and the slaves of slaves are really moving

and their slaves are in need of soothing

so what is a good slave to do

but soothe the master through and through.

To the terrified with white-ish skin

so comfortable to begin

finding another place to blame

seeking shelter from the rain

and from the storm that is always raging

that you’ve ignored and have forsaken.

And you go nowhere! Blackish folks

and yellowish and the butt of jokes.

All you skins you hold right on

cause this isn’t just a lily-white song

(although it’s for “The Whites” per Dave Chapelle)

no one escapes the tolling bell.

This storm that’s been forsaken,

forgotten and mistaken

It’s yours as mine as sure as life is taken.

But for now I share a peculiarity

with those whose skin is a familiarity

and think answers come from polarity

and difference is greater than the parity.

These terrified whites must be tempered

(and terrified blacks just the same).

And you are needed, your voice of reason

your voice of humanity, your voice of pain.

Your voice is needed, below the fray,

below the halls in which we pray.

Your voice is needed, not your fear

Not your terror and not your pride

but something deeper, down deep inside

Your voice, the one before you learned

how to fear and how to hate

before you listened and sealed our fate.

There’s more of us than there is of them

it’s just they like to yell and defend.

So to all you terrified people with white skin

We see what you’re doing and you won’t win!

And I won’t be quiet no matter what you say,

No matter what you call me

or what game you play.

And we’re all waiting for you to clear the halls,

and quiet down and have some balls,

There’s a crane outside with a wrecking ball

but’s it’s most unique and prone to all,

it’s standing steady to knock down the walls

and destroy the institution once and for all

So for all that’s holy and good and small

Stop trying to save what’s killing us all

and come take your seat,

next to the blacks

and greens and reds and yellows and browns

and drive this crane where it needs to go

as the co-pilot and friend in this human show.

No more blame white people

(and all colors…you too)

No more blame!

Work harder to remove the shame

and become a human team in the human game.

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