A Good Friend…

wants you to live a more joyful life doesn't let their own fear keep them from you will endure will be refreshed at your waking up act awkwardly or angrily when you show your pride -or maybe, if you've got a really good friend, they will act with love.- will treat you as old as … Continue reading A Good Friend…

Practical Issues

By all means speak your truth You can't murder anyone with the truth. But murder isn't really the problem, Anyway. A slave spirit, I know, is full of secret rebellion Human rebellion at the atrocious assumptions of the master. There is no choice in this rebellion, It is not your choice. You are human. You … Continue reading Practical Issues

Dear terrified people with white skin

Chill. (dear black people...thanks for introducing such a cool concept as "chillin'") Chill. The institution is abuzz with activity, just listen to it hum. You can almost taste the creativity when you're suckin' on your thumb. Who is the first to proclaim they know who is the first to start the show who is the … Continue reading Dear terrified people with white skin

Thank God I’m Black!

Radical racist righteousness alt-right, alternate universe ctrl-alt-delete the whole thing restart. We're not computers, no matter what they say. have you listened to yourself? have you heard the things coming from your mouth as if they are directed towards you, rather than away from you! The arrogance and ego coat like caramel syrup, The privilege, … Continue reading Thank God I’m Black!