It’s the Royalty disease.

A little known but widely held


that puts oneself above the rest,

without regard for oneself.

Like sawing off the connection

to others

to punish them.

The ever present “I”.

The damage and the healing of

the world

is in direct relation to our

own experience of the

ever present “I”.

“I” feel pain.

“I” am angry.

“I” am hurt.

“I” am good.

“I” am bad.

“I” do good.

“I” do bad.

when the truth is,

we are pinwheeled eyed


screaming silently

at the tops of our lungs

that we have the map

that we know the way.

Pointing shaking fingers

at anything that isn’t us

and exempting ourselves

like Royalty.

After all, it’s much easier

to point the way,

than to be the way.



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