Every Demon Within

and it breaks my heart

but there is no other place to start.

And no other place, in the wide world to look

death and destruction are an open book.

Every man and woman is not themselves

but just pretenders in the realm

and upholders of the fear

and sure keepers of what they hold so dear.

Every Demon within these walls

roam and plunder ancient halls

until sadness and sickness have their day

There is simply nothing else to say.

But perhaps, perhaps that day has come

for some who want it to be done

and perhaps, perhaps that day has come

and perhaps my demons will be undone

I may put down my vitriolic stew

and cease stirring in death anew

And at once I will make a turn

to an angels face, free from burn

And for once, for once I will rise above

my demons fray, my demons love

and see the future from on high

The light of me, the death of die.

It is a myth my friends old and new

that courage is what it takes from you

Courage is a stranger thing

A learned comfort from a familiar ring.

It take surrender to know for sure

that you’ve broken down the door.

Surrender to all that you don’t know

Surrender to the conscious flow

Do this and let your Demons go.

Do this an let your Demons go.

And once there gone

Then you’ll know.

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