A Letter To My Son

I will never forget you.

Forgetting you would be like

Forgetting me.

You are of me, my son,

You form me.

One day you may know this caring neglect

of your own desires

In favor of one so precious, as you.

You, my son, are the greatest reason

For the greatest of all things,

I have never known anything greater.

If there is such a man that could forget a son, he does not exist where I exist.

I do not know this man.

My son. My son. I will never forget you.

Everything is for you.

My immaturity, my anger, my fear.

My pain, my love, my heart.

In your darkest moments, my son,

You can know your father is watching you

And watching it for you,

Not to heal you or remedy you from your pain

But as a partner, an ally, a friend,

As your father and your creator and your biggest fan.

As a person who roots for you

No matter your way

who recognizes your beauty,


and strength and never doubts.

I am your father and I will never forget about you.

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