Month: March 2017

  • A Guide

    It’s hard to leave you. I imagine you’ll be devoured and I can feel the pain of your fear. I am a parent all over again remember what is important that fear can’t kill you it can make you stronger if you have a guide.

  • A Hard Woman To Love

    I hate the fucking fairy tales and what they’ve done and how they’ve separated you from me and me from you and me from me and you from you. Glamorous poverty, fashionable drama. I fucking hate it. Blechhhh But such is life, no? There is only 1 best hand to play and you won’t know […]

  • You can’t go

    I can’t bear the thought of losing you Now that the possibility is so real There’s darkness there, underneath it all That I just don’t want to feel With you I’m sane, and safe and held, No matter if we fight Fighting, now, is just our language To try to do what’s right. But you’re […]

  • This is a big day

    It is a pain that is endless and I have been taught that it is the enemy, So I am unfamiliar and thus afraid and in a denying way. Which gives me great hope Which gives me great hope The nature of this world and of raising children is to teach unfamiliar as fear and […]

  • True Love:Enemy Combatant

    We are enemy combatants Men and Women And the only revolutionary thing Enemy combatants can do Is to make true love. If there are people out there staking their claim to one side or the other Holding up their flag or holding the flag of the other, unless they have made true love They are […]