Happy Birthday

Trust yourself

because there’s no one else

and no one inside of you

and the because the weight

from the outside,

the opinions, the chaos, the directions

they are meaningless in the face of your own truth

And most likely it will be a wisp

to start with

a tendril of smoke

indicating the still burning coal of truth.

Blow on it. Not to hard.

Start by agreeing with it, that is light enough

Do nothing with it

but agree with your tiny, but bright, burning truth.

It will brighten and as it brightens

so will your power,  your peace, your knowledge

your grace.

And these things are foundations.

These things are greater than any problem

any opinion,

any result.

Today it’s my birthday and people are reminding me

and I can’t believe I’ve gotten to spend 47 of what we call “years”

experiencing this life.

And I can’t believe that I get to learn, if I want, always

And I am so grateful for that.

I am grateful for my experience of life and that it’s mine

and I am agreeing with my small, burning coal of truth

I am blowing, gently, watching it glow brighter

I am agreeing with myself today.

Happy Birthday!


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