Are you sure?

I love the truth.

I have no idea what it is other than the feeling I get

in my depth

when I hear it or see it


Actually there is one way to know it, beyond feeling

If it leads to further questions, it is the truth.

And, at my best, the truth is like a fuel

a force, perhaps the only force

of true life or, more precisely

of human life.

And, you know, I am terrified of the truth

and most times, many times…

I let that terror win.

In my fraudulent representations masquerading as intellectualism

pretending at surety

confident in confidence

I have to try hard. I have to try hard. I have to try hard.

To see through, around, below, above, outside, inside

my innocent fraud.

I have to try hard not to know

But I have to try harder to act this way.

And don’t get me wrong…I am sure in certain things

I am sure…

Ooops…just kidding.

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