The Key To Being A Good Parent

Is not paying attention to your kids.

You know that right?


Of course knowing is not

Half the battle and whoever said that

Is fucked.

Knowing is about 10% of the battle

And that’s generous.

The other 90%, well,

That’s the doing.

The act of actually leaving your kids


To meet life and determine how

They want to interact.

Really, your job as a parent is

To make sure your children stay alive

And develop morality.

And since your morality is fairly


You might want to check yourself

When preaching to your kids.

Because the morality of a hypocrite

Is not much morality at all.

But have no fear

It’s easier than you think

Just leave your kids alone

Continue to support them

Without them knowing

Don’t make the mistake that

They are somehow cooler than you

Or know more.

They don’t. 

It’s your responsibility to own

Your coolness.

Your wisdom.

Separate. Independent of them

And with 100% clarity.

That’s the key to being a good parent,

Own your cool.

Leave your kids alone.

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