Happy Birthday

Trust yourself because there's no one else and no one inside of you and the because the weight from the outside, the opinions, the chaos, the directions they are meaningless in the face of your own truth And most likely it will be a wisp to start with a tendril of smoke indicating the still … Continue reading Happy Birthday

All I See Is Me

I look at you and all I see is me And I disagree with myself And can't understand why. The act of prying my perception From your personhood Is like pulling on Velcro until You realize it doesn't come apart Am I stuck to this perception Am I one piece of fabric How the hell … Continue reading All I See Is Me

A Mountain’s Winter Call

My heart yearns For the call of the winter bird As spring awakens On the earth It awakens in me. And the mess of a natural field And a respectful human Who works, grateful Full of reverence for what the natural mess Provides. Winters cover Melts into spring grasses The land losing its hardness The … Continue reading A Mountain’s Winter Call

I will do better

When there is no light to find friends or see foes I will do better. When fear rules the day and righteousness is an answer I will do better. When hate is rationalized to conquer hate. I will do better. When questions are judged and then hidden away. I will do better. When we can't … Continue reading I will do better