Hatred :)

There’s really no point in hating yourself.

It quite a waste of time.

Other than pretending that you’re strong

It’s best you change your mind.

And so I’ll take my own advice

For once, and only for a time…

But that’s enough to set me free

to ponder such a rhyme.

Normally I’d be All-In

Full blown, furnaced hatred.

Directed laser at my soul

until my hatred’s sated.

But even then, it’s never true

Hatred’s never sated.

It only fuels the worst of me

And turn’s my fire blue.

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t real strong

I’m no peaceful, forgiving man.

And the territory I’m walking now

Is foreign, challenging land.

I’ll even say I’m a bit confused

Sitting amidst freshly painted walls

Without the hatred as my muse

I might just find my balls.



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