My Dears

Yes yes my dears, I cannot let you out.

You are too precious to me.

Too… Too…


I must keep you, dark and deep

knowable to only me

The way I like it

That way, I see.

My dears, my dears… So precious to me.

My dears, my dears be quiet please

I like you there, where you belong

But surely you can sing your song.

Like whispered wind through forgotten trees,

Quiet, quiet… If you please.

My dears, my dears it’s not been long,

maybe a minute or a day since I heard your song.

And conversationally you’re bad

But you’re the best friends I’ve ever had.

My dears, my dears -Just leave me alone-

It’s no good, no good I say,

They’re home.

And they’re not leaving soon

They don’t see it as doom and gloom

In fact they’re oblivious to that

My dears, my dears’ gentle pitter pat,

Like water drops so light and small

That for all of time, and ever, fall

There is no rock, no plate, no wall

That will not be cratered once and all.

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